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Packing List for 2024 Summer Encampment



The Encampment Staff has added the student packing list early this year, so that perhaps you might consider purchasing some of these necessary items for your cadet for either an upcoming holiday or celebration or perhaps an upcoming birthday.

Because the list is so early, there could be changes over the next couple of months. However, for the  most part, nothing should be deleted; if anything, there could be added items.  So you are good to start planning now --- which is what we highly recommend. 

We will highlight the added items anytime we update the list. We hope not to have to add, but we cannot promise that something will not come up.  As soon as this list is published there will surely be participants who remind us of critical needs. Periodically compare your list update date (bottom of the page)

  • We will put the UPDATED (Date) in the bottom corner so that you can compare the date to the list you are working off. 

Please print the packing list, and check off the items you already have, then start working on obtaining the items you do not have.  Always start with your squadron.  Ask if they have something you can sign out before you go out to purchase it. 


IMPORTANT:  We are trying to save on the cost to prepare for encampment.  In exchange, we ask that you be patient as we are constantly reviewing the list as the encampment curriculum develops over the next six months. 


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Staff Packing list has been posted on right side.


Page Updated: Feb 1, 2024

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