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Encampment Staff

Encampment Staffing

Senior Officer Positions   

Executive Staff

  • Encampment Commander                                                  Capt William Armijo
  • *Deputy Encampment Commander                                   Lt Col Beverly Vito
  • Commandant of Cadets                                                       Capt M. Anaya-Gorman

Support Staff

  • Public Affairs/ Information Officer                                     Lt Col Maria-Lisa Dilda
  • Safety Officer                                                                        Lt Col Dennis Hunter

2nd Lt Christopher Rico

  • Medic                                                                                     1st Lt Gabriel Armstrong

SM Matthew Cox

  • HSO                                                                                        Capt Shawn Armijo
  • Finance Officer                                                                      Maj Mary Fox
  • Administrative Officer                                                          Lt Col Chris Branan
  • Logistics Officer                                                                     Maj Mark Peters
  • Transportation Officer                                                          Capt Christine Kurtnaker
  • Chaplain                                                                                 Maj Nolen, Randolph
  • Lead TAC                                                                                Capt Aaron East
    • TAC 1                                                                          1st Lt Joshua Williamson
    • TAC 2                                                                          SM Adrienne Dunham
    • TAC 3                          VACANT



All cadet staff members should have completed these prerequisites in order to be eligible to apply for Encampment staff:

  • Have Encampment credit - in state or out of state.
  • Promote at least once since the last Encampment.
  • Be at least a C/SSgt (before the Encampment conduct).

To apply for Cadet Executive Staff:

  • Cadet Commander, must have reached at least C/Capt.
  • All other positions must have reached at least C/2nd Lt.

Cadet Cadre application process opens on January 28, 2023, and will close February 28, 2023

For descriptions of Cadet Cadre positions: https://www.encampment.nmcap.us/cadet-staff/

Cadet Cadre Positions

Cadet Executive Cadre

  • Cadet Commander (C/CC)
  • Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations (C/CDO)
  • Cadet Deputy Commander for Support (C/CDS)

Cadet Line Cadre

  • Squadron Commanders
  • Cadet First Sergeant
  • Flight Commander
  • Flight Sergeant

Cadet Support Cadre

  • Logistics Officer
  • Public Affairs
  • Administration
  • Safety
  • Medical
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