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Col Annette Peters - Commander, New Mexico Wing

Col Peters joined Civil Air Patrol in October 2001.  At that time, she was assigned as the Test Control Officer for Los Alamos Composite Squadron, and administrative officer for the cadet program.  In 2005, she became the Deputy Commander for Seniors, and in August 2007 became the Squadron Commander until June 2015.  She has held the position of Deputy Commander for Cadets.  Other duty positions she has held in the squadron are Public Affairs Officer, Supply Officer, and Transportation Officer.  She is currently the first female Commander of New Mexico Wing.

Col Peters’ areas of focus are Emergency Services and Cadet Programs.  She is currently a qualified Mission Scanner/Observer.  She holds a Technician Rating in Emergency Services, Administration and Command, and a Master Rating in Cadet Programs.



Graduate from the University of New Mexico


CAP Instructor
Unit Commanders' Course  – 2011
Squadron Leadership School – 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015
Corporate Learning Course– 2014, 2016
Seminar Advisor for Southwest Region Staff College 2013


Awards and Decorations

Commander’s Commendation 2001, 2003
Membership Ribbon 2001
Leadership Ribbon 2003
Red Service Ribbon 2003
Recruiter Ribbon 2004
Air Search & Rescue Ribbon 2005
Search and Rescue Find Ribbon 2010
Looney Family of the Year 2005
Benjamin O. Davis Award 2011
Grover Loening Aerospace Award 2011
Yeager Award 2012
Paul E. Garber Award 2013
Squadron Commander of the Year 2014
Meritorious Service Award 2015
Abbot Memorial Decade of Dedication 2016

Effective Dates of Promotion

Second Lieutenant 2002
First Lieutenant 2007
Captain 2008
Major 2011
Lt Col 2015
Col 2019


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