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New Mexico Wing Staff




Director of Aerospace Education Lt Col Roland Dewing ae.001@nmwg.cap.gov
Director of Cadet Programs Maj Theodore Hartenstein cp.001@nmwg.cap.gov
Director of Communication Lt Col Jude Flores dc.001@nmwg.cap.gov
Director of Emergency Services Lt Col John Grassham dos.001@nmwg.cap.gov
Director of Finance Lt Col Lawrence Lakeotes fm.001@nmwg.cap.gov
Director of Information Technology Capt Aaron Pung it.001@nmwg.cap.gov
Director of Logistics Lt Col Shirley Kay lg.001@nmwg.cap.gov
Director of Operations Lt Col Greg Griffith do.001@nmwg.cap.gov
Director of Personnel Lt Col Tyler Leaf dp.001@nmwg.cap.gov
Director of Education and Training Lt Col Patrick Fossuo et.001@nmwg.cap.gov
Director of Safety Maj Charles Graham se.001@nmwg.cap.gov


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